Pathikworld Tours Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions and general information published in our website comprise the contract between you and Pathikworld Tours a Travel Agency in the city of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Please read these conditions and our general information carefully prior to make a booking with us. Acceptance of our terms and conditions by email or fax is required to confirm your booking with us at the time of sending your deposit for travel arrangements you wish to book.

1. Making a Booking

To make a booking you may need to fill form or contact us via email at,; our tour advisor will help you to select the travel arrangements that you require and will offer you a price for these arrangements. Your booking with Pathikworld Tours is confirmed when we have received your deposit for the arrangements that you have confirmed by email or by phone with our staff and agents. If you are making a booking for more than one person, the person confirming the booking must have the consent of other accompanying guests to make the booking on their behalf and this person will be responsible for all payments for all guests travelling on the booking. For the purposes of our booking conditions “you” means the individual making the booking and all members of the party travelling with them.

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that any written or oral instructions provided to us are accurately reflected in the documentation we provide to our clients and on which a booking is based. Please check the information we send you to ensure that it is accurate and reflects the instructions you have given us. We cannot be responsible for any errors that may result from an inaccuracy in our documentation that is not notified to us by email within 10 days of it being sent to you and on which you may book your arrangements or amend them.

2. Rates

The rates for your Pathikworld Tours programme will be based upon our published tariff. The rates for supporting arrangements prior to or post the Pathikworld Tours programme that you book will be based upon the rates available to us at the time of booking. Rates that are quoted to you for non Pathikworld Tours services which we purchase through agents and trusted partners will be valid for 7 days from the date they are issued and should be confirmed within this period.

GST 5% will be applicable on all travel bookings/packages.

Once you have made a booking with Pathikworld Tours and paid your deposit there will be no change to your price except where the Government of India impose any new taxes on travel and travel suppliers and such a change is greater than 2% of your total arrangements booked with the Agency.

3. Payment

Payment may be made for your holiday by credit/debit card or by wire transfer, Cash Deposit, to our bank, Payment gateway as instructed.

50% of the total booking cost is to be paid at the time of confirmation of your reservation. No reservation is deemed to be confirmed until such time as full payment has been received by the Agency.

50% of the total booking is to be received 60 days prior to the commencement of your arrangements booked with us. Non receipt of final payment by the due date will be treated as a cancellation and relevant cancellation charges will apply.

Bookings made within 60 days will require full payment at the time of booking to confirm the reservation.

4. Insurance

Pathikworld Tours do not sell travel insurance and are unable to give advice on insurance policy content or efficacy. It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance at the time of your booking (Specially in Adventure Travel) with your chosen insurance provider. Pathikworld Tours are unable to take responsibility for costs and liabilities that may result from your decision to travel without insurance, or insurance that may not be fully comprehensive for your needs.

5. About You – Medical Information and Special Requests

It is necessary for you to inform us about any medical condition, dietary requirement or special requirements that may have a significant or material impact on your ability to enjoy your booked arrangements. These should be advised to us at the time of booking and whilst we may be able to accommodate special requests and requirements we cannot be responsible for any loss of enjoyment that may arise from your failure to communicate these issues at the time of booking. Some of the areas in which operate are very remote, with limited medical facilities and as such we reserve the right to refuse a booking where a medical condition may impair your ability to enjoy or fulfill your travel arrangements. Pathikworld Tours will not be responsible for any curtailment or amendment to travel arrangements that result from a medical condition either pre-existing or occurring during your travel arrangements.

If you have any dietary requests our staff will normally be able to accommodate these but such requests are only our responsibility where we have confirmed to you in writing our ability to fulfill them.

6. Changes to your Booking

Once you have booked your travel arrangements with us, changes you may wish to make to your booked arrangements after receipt of your deposit will be possible subject to any charges that may be made by our suppliers. Any change that requires an alteration of dates to any booking, including postponement may be treated as a cancellation and our cancellation policy applied depending upon the notice given prior to arrival.

In the event that your arrangements need to be changed as a result of a missed, delayed or cancelled international or domestic airline flight, car or rail journey we will provide every assistance to you to make the required changes to your travel arrangements, but you will be responsible for the cost of such changes.

Where your arrangements need to be changed, curtailed or abandoned due to circumstances beyond the control of Pathikworld Tours , including but not limited to acts of god, civil commotion, strikes, war, threat of war, terrorist activity either threatened or actual, natural or nuclear disaster and events beyond the reasonable control of Pathikworld Tours, we will, depending upon whether you are in the country or due to travel, either make alternate arrangements or offer you alternate travel arrangements where available. If such events occur whilst you are already travelling in India the costs of such arrangements will be borne by you. Pathikworld Tours is regrettably unable to pay compensation or take responsibility for any costs, losses and liabilities that may result from such events, where they affect the ability of Pathikworld Tours to promptly and efficiently deliver its contracted arrangements to you or such events give rise to personal loss, distress, injury, or death.

Not availing / missed activities or services: During tour package, if any guest miss their meal, activities or whatever services included in travel package, by his own whatsoever reason (illness, change in plan, urgent or unexpected work etc.) no adjustments, refund is possible.

7. Contract

A binding contract exists between you and Pathikworld Tours once you have accepted our terms and conditions and paid your deposit. The laws of the India will apply to this contract and to any dispute or claim which arises from it. Any dispute of claim that may arise will be exclusively dealt with by the Rishikesh, Dehradun courts of India. We reserve the right to change our booking conditions and general travel information from time to time as published on our website. You will not be exempt from any terms and conditions unless specifically agreed with us in writing.

8. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Bookings cancelled after confirmation and payment of deposit will incur cancellation fees as a percentage of the total booking cost as follows, dependent upon the number of days prior to departure that arrangements are cancelled:

90-60 days prior to arrival 10%

59–30 days prior to arrival 25%

29–15 days prior to arrival 50%

15 days prior to arrival 100%

9. Privacy Policy

Your contact information is stored in our database and is only used to contact you during the course of your travel with us for sharing the status of your travel bookings with us and then after for announcement of our latest deals and news etc. We as Pathikworld Tours condemn the unauthorised reach and misuse and/or discloser of the personal information of the customer and we have strict guidelines and high security features to prevent the same.

On booking we collect general information such as name, phone number, email address, complete address etc. This information is not share with any one, with out return permission (through email, subscription). We use this information for communication only.

10. Travel Documents

Proof of identity required (Voter ID Card, Driving Licence, Passport etc.) in package tours. It is traveller responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents to enable you to travel to India. These may include but are not limited to, valid passport, flight tickets, correct visa for India and any other requirements that may from time to time be required. Pathikworld Tours will not be responsible for any alterations to travel arrangements that may arise from your failure to travel with the correct documentation. Non arrival in India/location as a result of incorrect documentation will be treated as a cancellation by the company.

11. Complaints and Problems

In the event that you have any reason to complain or experience any problems with your travel arrangements whilst you are in India you must immediately inform your guide, house manager or one of our staff, so that we can attend to any service issue that may arise and promptly rectify it. If you wish to complain about an aspect of our service after you have left India this should be communicated to us in writing within 21 days of your departure/tour termination from India. Where any complaint arises from services not wholly owned or operated by Pathikworld Tours we will use our best Endeavour’s to address the issue with the relevant supplier during your stay in India or abroad. However Pathikworld Tours is unable to accept responsibility or liability for failures and omissions of its suppliers where it neither owns manages or controls such suppliers. We do however exercise care and attention when selecting and promoting the services of third parties to support your travel arrangements. However any assistance provided by Pathikworld Tours in resolving a complaint in relation to any arrangements provided by suppliers to Pathikworld Tours is provided on a goodwill basis and in its capacity as agent for such suppliers.

12. Behavior

When you book and travel with Pathikworld Tours, you accept full responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party to our properties, equipment, staff and vehicles and those of our suppliers. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid to Pathikworld Tours or its suppliers upon request. Pathikworld Tours reserve the right to terminate your stay or that of any person travelling with you due to threatening behavior, moral turpitude or conduct which in Pathikworld Tours’s reasonable opinion justifies termination of your travel arrangements and in the event of such termination no refunds will be given. Pathikworld Tours will not be under any obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of your stay being terminated.

13. Adventure Tours (Treks, Expeditions, Rafting, Rock climbing, Safari, Paragliding etc.)

All adventure activities are on traveller own risk. Although we provide every traveller utmost security, help and guideline before every move yet most of conditions are beyond our control like climate position, routes conditions. This can change plan as according to condition. So traveller must keep extra days with regular schedules. Our guides are very professional and helpful. Keep necessary medicine which you take. Book your trip at least before 60 days for International traveller or 30 days for national traveller, to make necessary arrangements. Maximum locations are available all the time as shown is detail of locations, but some are not available even during the season time like Roop Kund, Pindari Glacier, Kailash Mansarover etc. and depends on various conditions which can be cleared when your request reach for such locations.

While we take care of selecting guide, instructor, tour leader for adventure sports. Always listen the instructions properly and follow them while going for adventure activities like rafting, trekking, paragliding, safari, wild life tours, bird watching etc. other adventure activities.  Our staff always assist you on your need during adventure activities. Yet all responsibility is on adventure enthusiastic participants for any mis-happening.

If Guide, Instructor rejected your participation in particular activities as per his own decision on your ability no refund is possible. However possibilities will be tried for other similar activities (games of individual performance) of your skill, abilities.

Entering in the jungle is at your own risk. Maintain proper distance from animal, birds and don’t come in their way on in between their kids. It may harmful. Always follow guide instruction and remain in team. Don’t enter in the jungle alone specially in night while staying in camps, rest house. Always keep one/two accompanied going for toilet or urinating.

Keep binoculars and make notes for best wild life experience.

14. Health and Fitness Requirement

Participants must be in good health and in a good physical condition. It is vital that participants with medical problems make them known to us well before departure. If you suffer from severe muscular, chest, heart or bronchial disorders, or if you are a severe asthmatic, or have high blood pressure, you are strongly advised against participating. Our trips generally take place in remote areas where there is little or no access to normal medical services or hospital facilities for serious problems. Where necessary, evacuation can be prolonged but it is difficult and expensive. Medical and evacuation expenses will be the responsibility of the participant.

15.Tour Leader/Guide: 

Our Tour Leaders take their responsibilities seriously and if a Tour Leader believes in his/her judgement that you should not participate in the trip, before your departure, even if you pass your medical, he/she may exclude you from the trip. In this circumstance you will be offered the option of taking another trip considered suitable for you or a full refund. If during a trip the Tour Leader considers you should not participate further he/she may direct you not to continue and you must follow the Tour Leader’s instructions. In this case you will not be entitled to any refund. Travel insurance may compensate you depending on the circumstances.

Besides being above General terms and conditions, every expedition, trekking have additional notes/conditions with Itinerary. Please read them also.

16. Drop out during trek:

If for some reason (Unavoidable / Medical Reason) a participant has to drop out from the trek on any day then Pathikworld Tours will make arrangements for Dropout participant along with participant’s one companion return to the nearest road head according to feasibility. A Pathikworld Tours staff accompany will accompany the participant to the nearest road head. Transportation and stay cost at any location has to be borne by the participant.

17.Tour Termination due to Unforeseen reasons:

Natural calamities, War, Terrorist Attack, Local Issues (Strikes by locals), Government orders on particular activities etc, can disturb, change, terminate the tour. In this condition, no refund will be made. How ever all possible efforts will be made to continue the tour or provide alternate activities to participants.

18. Price difference with other service providers:

There could be price difference specially hotel, resort, stay booking in different cities, countries with different online hotel booking sites for same properties. Most of time We can not give you such type of huge offering due to their policies of crushing competition in market. We have our own channel of booking and we are bound to give you hotel/resort etc price as per prices given by these channels. So once booking is done with us, no changes, refund is possible according to price by others competitors.

19. Disclaimer of Liability

Pathikworld Tours is acting as a mere agent for suppliers in selling travel-related services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by this travel agency (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, tours, cruises, etc.). Pathikworld Tours, therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract of any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay, or injury to you or your travel companions or group members. Unless the term “guaranteed” is specifically stated in writing on your tickets, invoice, or reservation itinerary, we do not guarantee any of such suppliers’ rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling, or handling of personal effects. Travel agent shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to any traveler in connection with terrorist activities, social or labor unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climactic conditions, criminal acts or abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the travel agent’s control. Traveler assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases the agent from any duty of, checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safely or security conditions at such destinations, during the length of the proposed travel. The traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected. Traveler is hereby warned of such risks, and is advised to obtain appropriate insurance coverage against them. Traveler’s retention of tickets, reservations, or bookings after issuance shall constitute a consent to the above, and an agreement on his/her part to convey the contents hereto to his/her travel companions or group members.

20. As for us service is very valuable, providing online information is also valuable. There could be variation in booking amount with actual on-sport booking amount of any product or service. Such as hotel rooms, national park (reserve) safari, entry tickets of parks, travel tickets, guide charges etc. The additional charge is due to be On-line and providing you information through web. In this case once booking is done, no refund or adjustment is possible.

21. COVID-19 Guidelines: The Airports, hotels, national parks, sanctuaries, amusement parks restaurants etc tourist spots are taking precautionary measures to ensure safety for every one. There are certain guidelines like wearing of masks, sanitize your hands, maintaining social distancing, Arogya Setu App for travel in India, DXB App for Dubai mandatory in your Smart phone with your details. Child below 10 years and persons above 65 years restricted on certain tourist spots. Besides this extra guidelines are also issued by authorities which will be communicated to you on booking. If there is any COVID-19 test conducted specially on airport (on arrival at any Country), the cost will be bear by guest itself (and paid directly to concern medical agency or hospital) and follow the instructions given at that time. If any one found COVID-19 positive on arrival or found in between travel, he/she must be quarantine immediately for 7/14 days as advised on his own expenses.  The cancellation or suspension of tour may occurs, which will be non-refundable. 

22. Pathikworld Tours has right to change above terms and conditions without information.

Thanks for reading our Terms and Conditions.