Sanitary Measures

A clean train makes the journey more pleasant and exudes a sense of safety. Trains in Europe are regularly cleaned thoroughly with a special attention to the seating area. As in trains, cleaning and disinfection procedures are reinforced in stations, where teams pay particular attention to contact surfaces (handrails, self-service kiosks, elevator buttons, etc.), treated with virucidal products. Toilet areas and waste collection are also subject to sanitary measures.


Take only what you can easily manage yourself. Storage compartments are available on all trains and are most often located at the end of each carriage and/or above the seats. Please label your luggage to avoid mix-ups and note that some major train stations do have luggage storage lockers or storage room services. For groups of 10 or more, luggage handling is available for advance purchase on select trains.

What’s at a train station?

Each station is unique, picturesque, and has its own distinct architecture; take the time to look around before you get on the train. Most stations offer services such as currency exchanges, shops, information desks, restrooms, restaurants, and more. Unwind at Europe’s longest champagne bar inside London’s St Pancras station. Enjoy high-end fashionista shopping at Milan Centrale. How about a little art infusion at

Madrid’s Puerta de Atocha train station, home to a permanent sculpture display? You’ll also find that many of Europe’s train stations are hubs for onward travel, such as local buses and metros, or airport transfers.

How do I find my train?

At the station
Locate the large DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL boards in the centre of most stations. Match what’s on your ticket with the departure board. Look for the train number, departure time and platform number, then head to the platform.

On the platform
Look for the carriage (or coach) number that’s printed on your ticket or reservation and position yourself on
the platform nearest to where your coach will arrive. Your ticket or reservation will also indicate whether you are travelling First or Second Class. Many train stations have diagrams located above the platforms that illustrate the location of each coach on the train. These diagrams enable you to wait on the platform very close to where your coach is due to arrive.

Seat reservation
If you have a seat reservation, your ticket will also include your seat number. Once you have boarded the correct carriage, proceed to your seat

How does a Eurail mobile Pass work?

Travelling with a mobile Pass is simple – Just choose a mobile Pass at checkout, and we’ll send you a Pass number in your order confirmation email to load your Pass into the dedicated Rail Planner app. All you need is your phone, our Rail Planner app, and an internet connection (at least once every 3 days).

Activating your mobile Pass
Follow the instructions in your order confirmation email to add your Pass to the Rail Planner app and activate it so it’s ready for travel. You can do both steps at once, or you can add your Pass to the Rail Planner app and activate it later – it’s up to you. You can activate your Pass up to 11 months after your purchase date.

Travelling with your mobile Pass
Use the planner to search for journeys you want to take. Tap to save them to My Trip, where you can see an overview of your travel plans. When you’re ready to take a train, tap to add that journey to your Pass, and it will appear on your ticket in My Pass ready for inspection on board.

Which pass is available* as a Eurail mobile Pass?

Eurail Global Pass
Eurail Austria Pass
Eurail Benelux Pass
Eurail Bulgaria Pass
Eurail Croatia Pass
Eurail Czech Republic Pass
Eurail Denmark Pass
Eurail Finland Pass
Eurail France Pass
Eurail Germany Pass
Eurail Greece Pass
Eurail Hungary Pass
Eurail Italy Pass

Eurail Lithuania Pass
Eurail North Macedonia Pass
Eurail Norway Pass
Eurail Poland Pass
Eurail Portugal Pass
Eurail Romania Pass
Eurail Scandinavia Pass
Eurail Serbia Pass
Eurail Slovakia Pass
Eurail Slovenia Pass
Eurail Spain Pass
Eurail Sweden Pass
Eurail Turkey Pass