Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park, now become Rajaji Tiger Reserve as dated on 20th April, 2015, with an extented area of 1075 sq.km, is located in the picturesque hills of Shivalik Ranges and opens up into the Indo-Ganetic plains in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Being the North-Western most limit of distribution of endangered species like charismatic Tiger and Asian Elephant, Rajaji National Park has immense conservation value. It constitute an important part of the Tarai-Arc landscapte (7500 sq.km.) between Yamuna River in the North-West and Sharda River in the South-East. It is also an important entity of the Shivalik Elephant Reserve, which is part of the eleven reserves designated for elephant conservation in India.
It is 2-3 hours safari by Jeep, in morning time (Gate open: 07-09 am) and in evening time (Gate open 3-5pm) in which you can experience Jungle. Here you can see elephant, leopard, Deer and other type of species.

Rajaji National Park Tour Package