Given that Great Britain was home to the first full-scale working railway, it’s not surprising that it still has a very impressive train network. From the White Cliffs of Dover to the Scottish Highlands, from London to the Lake District, you can count on the trains to take you on an exploratory trip through the country’s history and heritage.

Whether you’re travelling to the capitals of London, Edinburgh or Cardiff, to the traditional rural towns of the Cotswolds or to Cornwall, there’s always a rail pass available to make your adventure the best of British.

Train companies run many different types of trains across the UK rail network:

Best Travel Time

Glasgow - Edinburgh

0 hrs 58 mins

London St Pancras - Paris

2 hrs 15 mins
London Kings Cross - York
1 hr 51 mins
London St Pancras - Brussels
1 hr 51 mins
London Kings Cross - Cambridge
0 hrs 48 mins
London Kings Cross - Newcastle
2 hrs 51 mins
London St Pancras - Nottingham
1 hr 44 mins
London Euston - Manchester Piccadilly
2 hrs 07 mins
London Euston - Birmingham New Street
1 hr 22 mins
Birmingham New Street - Glasgow Central
3 hrs 57 mins
Manchester Piccadilly - Edinburgh Haymarket
3 hrs 18 mins


BritRail was created on the initiative of the train operating companies to entice international travellers to visit Britain and explore its countryside by train.