Yamanouchi Town

Information of YAMANOUCHI TOWN

YAMANOUCHI TOWN is located in the northeast part of Nagano Prefecture, and you can get there in about 4 1/2 hours from Osaka, in about 4 hours from Aichi (Nagoya) or in about 2 hours from Tokyo.  It’s in the center of Joshin’etsukogen National Park and there you’ll find SHIGA KOGEN and KITA-SHIGA KOGEN, both endowed with nature and good for skiing, trekking and cycling, and YUDANAKA & SHIBU ONSEN RESORT, which is famous as the hot springs and Snow Monkeys. The rich melted snow water, the coolness of the summer and the difference in temperature between day and night – the town meets the conditions necessary for producting high quality agricultural products, such as apples, grapes, buckwheat and mushrooms. YAMANOUCHI TOWN has rich hot springs, natural resources and agricultural products and can be enjoyed the whole year.


Hot Spring

The spas with great amount of hot spring water, loved by many people of culture, which are said to be found 1350 years ago.  It’s called YUDANAKA & SHIBU ONSEN RESORT and consists of a total of nine spas districts: Yudanaka, Shin-Yudanaka, Kanbayashi, Shibu, Andai, Jigokudani, Honami, Hoshikawa and Kakuma.


Ninety three percent of YAMANOUCHI TOWN consists of forest. The natural setting has a different expression for each of the four seasons and you’ll never be bored anytime in the year.  There are many attractions, such as the trekking tours in Shiga-hghland Biosphere Reserve, cherry blossom and autumn leaves.

Gourmet Foods

The town is richly cultivated with fruits such as grapes and apples; you can enjoy fruit picking and all-you-can-eat in the harvest season. Various kinds of meals, not only Japanese but Western food, are available at restaurant and bars in the town.

Spring Season in YAMANOUCHI TOWN

Wall of Snow

Enjoy the driving through a corridor with curved wall of snow reaching 7 m high around the early May

Fruit Picking

Various fruits are grown in YAMANOUCHI TOWN. Please consult and know exact time of fruit picking

Skiing in Spring

In SHIGA KOGEN and KITA SHIGA KOGEN you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding even in early May. From mid to late April, it’s the best time for viewing the Cherry Blossoms of ancient cherry trees.