The heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with 333 picture perfect tropical islands that are home to happiness. Fiji is justifiably famous for many things: stunning beaches, sparkling surf, warm climate, scenic natural environment, world-class diving, international standard accommodation and exciting dining and nightlife with different experiences each traveller will get while in Fiji. But it is the unique warm and friendly hospitality of the Fijians that make the islands a holiday destination where you always want to return to.

No matter if you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway for couples, for an adventure playground, a luxurious escape, an island-hopping trip on a shoestring or for a perfect family holiday – you will find the perfect choice of accommodation and activities for everyone.

There is something for everyone from relaxing on the beach, to enjoying all kinds of water sports and, adventure tours in Fiji’s hinterland, to immersing in cultural experiences, tasting culinary delights that are complemented with a Bula smile and friendly service wherever you go.
Fiji is a year-round destination


From Australia and New Zealand, you can pick from several daily flights a day. But even our long-haul guests can fly to Fiji on daily services with Fiji Airways on their long-haul network. Either via Los Angeles or via one of the Asian hubs (SIN, HKG or TYO).

It is English-speaking, friendly, welcoming and safe!

As Fiji once was a British colony and is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, English is the official language. Fijians are the warmest and friendliest hosts in the world and will make your guest feel at home the moment they step off the plane. The hospitality comes from the heart and that makes it a very authentic experience which will stay with your clients forever. Fiji generally is a safe country and has introduced the “Care Fiji Commitment” which assures travellers that Fiji is a safe destination to enjoy on their next visit to the islands.