Swedish Trains

Sweden’s high-speed trains X2000 and X3000 run a daily service between Stockholm and the other major cities of Sweden at speeds of 200km/h. You’ll also find medium and low speed trains such as InterCity and regional trains.



Grab a Eurail Sweden pass to visit the whole country by train and discover magnificent cities like Stockholm, Mälmo, and Gothenburg.

Norwegian Trains

Norway’s rail network consists of more than 3,000 kilometres of railway lines, 775 tunnels and over 3,000 bridges, which gives you an indication of what to expect if you travel by train in Norway. With most routes offering panoramic views and ever-changing scenery ranging from suburbs to mountains, lakes and fjords, Norway’s rail network spans the length and breadth of the country, from the city of Kristiansand on its southernmost tip as far as Bodø and its midnight sun, just north of the Arctic Circle. You’ll find three main types of passenger rail transport: InterCity trains, regional trains and commuter trains.



The Eurail Norway Pass is the key to exploring the magnificent fjords of Norway. Take the train and travel to popular destinations like Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

Finnish Trains

Trains are by and large the best way to travel between cities in Finland. The Finnish Railways passenger railway network operates an efficient, reliable rail service, with fast InterCity trains connecting Helsinki to all of the country’s major cities. There are different types of trains: night trains, local commuter trains, InterCity trains and the superfast Pendolino trains. There’s also a night train to Lapland.



The Eurail Finland Pass is perfect to discover Finland’s beautiful cities and enchanting wild regions. From the capital city, Helsinki, all the way up to the Arctic circle, enjoy a thousand beautiful lakes along the way.

Austrian Trains

The Railjet network connects the whole of Austria, as well as neighbouring countries, with a regular train service. You can take the train from Vienna to Salzburg and on to Innsbruck, Bregenz and Zurich, or from Vienna to Graz, Klagenfurt and Villach. There’s also a train from Munich to Vienna and on to Budapest. With the Railjet, you can also reach Stuttgart, Mannheim and Frankfurt.



With the Eurail Austria Pass, you’ll discover Austria’s green pastures, snow-capped alpine peaks and its most beautiful lakes. Travel by train to popular cities like Vienna and Salzburg.