Jhilmil Jheel is a saucer (circular) shaped wetland situated on the left bank of River Ganges in Chiriyapur forest range of Haridwar district in Uttarakhand State, India. It is corridor for various animal of Rajaji Tiger Reserve as both shares common boundaries. The sighting of swamp deer in this area was reported on 1st February, 2005. Later, on 14 August 2005, the area was declared among one of the first Conservation Reserve in India by the Hon President of India Prof Abdul Kalam. The area is rich in faunal and floral diversity including four species of deer (Chital, Sambar, Barking deer and specially Swamp deer), Wild Elephant, Nilgai and Common leopard occasionally tiger and a large number of resident and winter migratory birds. Tantpur village is the only village adjacent to Jhilmil Jheel. The village came into existence only after 1950’s. These villagers strongly support conservation of Swamp deer in Jhilmil Jheel. Efforts are made for the betterment in conserving Swamp deer, its habitat and as a whole flora and fauna of the Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve with the cooperation of people of adjacent Tantwala village.

It is about 20 Km from Haridwar at Najibabad Road. A 4×4 power vehicle required to visit this jungle.

Visiting Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve is unique experience. However there is no time limit to explore Jhilmil Jheel CR, usually it can be visit in 3Days/2Night tours. You can stay at the Forest Rest House Rasyiabad (Jhilmil Jheel) or nearby Chidyapur FRH, by taking permission from DFO, Haridwar Forest Division.

What activities can be done at this conservation reserve?

  • Jungle Safari on Gypsy
  • Bird Watching. It has diversified area for birds. Jungle, water bodies and specially the bank of river Ganga. River Ganga has wide span in which Cormorant, Rudy Shellduck and lot of migrated birds, pied kingfishers, crested kingfisher makes perfect scenes for visitors. If you have photography interest, you can get tremendous beautifully shots of birds fly. Sandy bank of river Ganga is witness of different types of larks.
  • There is Crocodile point at a water body in the jungle. You may get lucky to spot them.
  • The Leopard Tree in the jungle is perfect place to spotting leopard. Nobody knows why leopard loves that tree. It is usually take rest on that tree.
  • Staying at Forest Rest House make you witness of lot of wilds animal near to you and you will be astonished that spotting of wild animal some times is so easy. Spotted Dears, Swamp Dears, Sambar, Monkeys, Wild Boars, Foxes roam around the campus.
    Going to watch tower to spot animals.

Know More About Jhilmil Jheel visit link https://jhilmil.in