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While Marlborough in South Island is the largest wine-growing region of the country, most people visiting Auckland in North Island love to hope on to a ferry and reach this Island to undertake their day long bike wine tour. The terrain is flat and a ride through boutique wineries and numerous wine cafes is full of unmatched views. The region is also known for its sheep and dairy. So, a wine, cheese and lamb feast at every cellar makes you pedal on and on…


  • If you are planning on buying wine bottles at the wineries, think about how you are going to carry them back. Travelling on a cycle can limit your option for souvenir purchases. Make sure you have a sturdy back pack in which you can safely stow the bottles. If you are in a big group and have many bottles, consider dropping by again in a car to pick up the purchases.
  • If you’re renting a cycle, don’t forget to rent bike accessories that you will need on the trip. These include a lock, a Tyre patch kit and a helmet, apart from your saddle bag or backpack.
  • Since you will be going wine-tasting and spending a good amount of time ridding in the sun, don’t forget to pack plenty of water to prevent dehydration. The same applies for food; if you are going through a region that has limited restaurant options, carry light snacks.
  • Know your fitness level. While you don’t have to be a skilled cyclist to bike on a wine trail, you still need to be physically fit. Some routes might involve going uphill. Talk to a local guide and plan your tour realistically.



New world wines are the wine produced to the outside the traditional wine-growing European regions. The U.S, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Chile are prominent New world wine regions. The old world wine regions are Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Switzerland, England and Macedonia.