Trek Grading Factor

The factors considered to grade the treks include:


Score ranges

Duration of the trek Based on the number of days of actual walking
5 for a 5 days to 1 week duration
3 for 7-12 day duration
1 for 7-12 days trek
Toughness 5 for the most difficult
1 for the easiest
Gradient of the trek 5 for a steep 45 degree climb
1 for an almost flat climb
Terrain 5 for trekking on boulder strewn moraines, glacier beds or snowfields
3 for slippery mountain paths
1 for trekking through meadows/ flat terrain
Altitude 5 for above 4,000m amsl
1 for up to 3,000m amsl
Temperature 5 for rainy weather/ snowfall in the summer
1 for pleasant weather in the summer
Conditions of the route 5 for identification of new trails
1 for well laid-out trail


The grading of the treks was then extrapolated as a standard average based on the series of results received.


The treks are categorized as:

Grade I Up to 3,000m; 2-3 day duration; easy access and low gradient/incline
Grade II 3,000m – 4, 000m; above 3 day treks; reasonable access and slight incline
Grade III Above 4,000m; above a week in duration; Steep incline; snow and difficult terrain

The treks are also graded as soft and hard based on the toughness of the trek.