Tipra Bamak Glacier

Tipra Bamak is a 6 km long glacier of the Bhyundar Ganga Basin in the the Alaknadnda catchment. Near 16 glaciers of Various size and tipra-bamak-glaciershapes exists in the basin out of which only Tipra Bamak and adjoining Ratanban Glaciers are of Significance. The melted waste discharge of these glaciers emerges from a single ice cave at the snout of the Tibat Namak. The glacier surface is covered by a thick deposit of debris.

Ghangaria is the only place for stung in the vicinity.
Best time to Visit the glacier : Mid June to Mid October.

Base Camp Govind Ghat

Govind Ghat to Tipra Bamak Glacier — 20 kms.
Govind Ghat to Ghangaria— 14 kms.
Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers— 04 kms
Valley of Flowers to Tipra Bamak– 02 kms.