Sunderdhunga Glacier


Sunderdhunga means the valleys of beautiful stones. Sunderdhunga glacier in the Pinder region is a relatively though trek. This Valley is situated to the west of the Pindar Valley and has two glaciers to offer to trekkers and nature lovers Maiktoli and Sukhram. The route up to Kathi is common to both Pindari and Sundardhunga glaciers.

The peaks that offers a spectacular view when seen form  here are Tharkot (6100), Mrigthuni (6858), Maiktoli(6030) and Panwalidwar (पनवाली द्वार) (6663m) Sunderhunga is approximately 24 km form the Village Khati.

Elevation: 6053 m.

How to reach Sunderdhunga Glacier

From To Distance (Km)
Delhi Sunderdhunga Glacier 496
Starting Major City/Town/Stops
Delhi Moradabad 145
Moradabad Kaladhungi 83
Kaladhungi Almora 98
Almora Bageshwar 82
Bageshwar Song 36
Song Sunderdhunga 52

Song to Khati : 02 km
Khati to Jatoli : 07 Km
Jatoli to Dhungia Dhaun : 07 Km
Dhungia Dhaun to Kathalia : 07 Km
Kathalia to Sunderdhunga Glacier : 07 Km