Satopanth Glacier


The Satopanth and Bhagirathi-Kharak are important glaciers in Upper Alaknanda basin and are the source of the river Alaknanda. These glaciers are located 17 km from the famous temple of Badrinath, in Chamoli district. Satopanth glacier possibly derives its name from two words; ‘Sato‘ means heaven and ‘panth‘ that stands for path or way.

The glaciers originate from the Chaukhamba (7068m) and Badrinath (6974m) range of peaks, which separate from the Gangotri group of glaciers. The glaciers are 13 and 18 km long respectively and terminate at an elevation of 3810m and 3820 respectively.

2km down the glacier valley, the left bank of the river is suitable for camping. The glacier can be approached only in summer.

Base camp Badrinath (Mana Village)
Mana to Satopanth
Bhagirathi to Kharak