Roop Kund Trek


Roopkund Lake (the Mystry Lake), at around 5,000 meters, offers one of the most spectacular trekking routes with its stunning views of Trishul. It is also famous for the mystery surrounding it. This shallow lake still has the skeletal remains of some 300 people who perished some 600 years ago in an unrecorded disaster. Trekkers have found human bones on the shore of the lake confirming this tragedy. Some believe them to be the remains of General Zorawar’s soldiers who perished here in a vain attempt to conquer Tibet while others maintain that they are the skeletons of zealous pilgrims undertaking the Raj jat, an important pilgrimage. to pay homage to Nanda Devi.

Roop Kund is situated in the eastern part of Chamoli District (in the lap of the Trishul Massif, 7112m). The high altitude (5029m), kund is on the Nanda Jat route to Hom kund. It is not a very large kund and is rather shallow, having a depth of only about 2 meters. The edges are snow covered for most parts of the year. When the snow melts, human and equine skeletal remains cab be seen.

The approach to Roop Kund is spectacular as you pass through high altitude pastures called Bugyals, carpeted with red, blue and yellow flowers with the backdrop of the icy Trishul Massif providing a breathtaking view.

Height: 5029m.

How to Reach Roop Kund

From To Distance (Kms)
Delhi Roop Kund
Starting Major City/Town/Stops
Delhi Moradabad 145
Moradabad Kashipur 40
Kashipur Ramnagar 28
Ramnagar Ranikhet 95
Ranikhet Kausani 55
Kausani Baijnath 17
Baijnath Gwaldam 24
Gwaldam Lohajang Pass 27
Lohajang Pass Roop Kund 43 (Trek)

Best Time: July to mid October