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River Cruises – The Dining Experience


Many times over the years we have heard about how exceptional the food is on board cruise ships; the choice is immense and you certainly don’t go hungry on a cruising holiday. Rather, one ends up putting on weight whilsts on a cruise! The same applies when it comes to a river cruise.

Below is a sampler of the dining onboard a 7-day river cruise experience.

  •  A Classy Welcome: The welcome cocktail prior to the welcome dinner is served to you as you enter the lounge and meet your fellow passengers and crew that will be with you on this journey. Canapes will be presented to complement the refreshing welcome drink.
  • Dinner Time: Enter the restaurant for your first evening meal and the Maître d’hôtel will take you to your table, where you will have the choice of red or white wines, beers and soft drinks to accompany your four-course dining experience. Entrées can consist of a freshly baked brioche and mango salsa, a delicious gorgonzola cheese mousse or a Caprese salad to name a few. This is followed by a choice of soups or consommés made by the chefs on board. For your main course, you will be presented with a fish, meat or vegetarian option. There is always room for a dessert. Choose from the dessert of the day or perhaps fresh fruits or a cheese selection, with tea or coffee following shortly afterwards.
  • Called To Breakfast By Freshly Baked Bread: Waking up to the smell of fresh bread will leave you eager to head down for breakfast. An array of beautifully prepared breads and pastries with various condiments stand proud in the restaurant. For those keen for a healthy option to begin the day, head to the cereal area for bircher muesli, cereals, dried fruits, yoghurts and a fresh fruit platter. From the kitchen menu, the chefs will prepare pancakes, porridge oats and various egg choices. They also have a recommendation of the day for breakfast, if you wish to try something new whilst on holiday. You can certainly have a different breakfast each day of your river cruise.
  • So Much Choice for Lunch: Lunch times offer choice again, whether you are looking for a quick soup and sandwich served in the Panorama Lounge or something more substantial. Those looking for more of a selection can head down to the restaurant where you can have as much or as little of the four-course lunch. The buffet area presents colourful salads accompanied by homemade dressings. You can order soups and consommés, along with a fish, meat or vegetarian option. Quite often this is a local speciality to the area you are sailing through, so a great way to sample traditional foods. The dessert can also be traditional such a Mohnkuchen, a German poppy seed cake.
  • And then, Afternoon Chai: The 24-hour tea and coffee station is available in the Amadeus Club, where you can help yourself to the selection on offer. Homemade biscuits are situated very close by to accompany your morning, afternoon or evening hot drink.


Special Requests: The chefs on board can cater for any dietary requirements you may have as long as they are notified prior to departure. Recently travelling on board was someone who is a coeliac and she mentioned that, having ocean cruised numerous times in the past, she had never really been catered for at mealtimes. She was mightily impressed with the chefs on board who had baked her very own bread so that she could have this at meal times. Whether it’s nut allergies, having to have a dairy or gluten free diet or any other dietary requirements, let us know at the time of booking and the chefs will cater specifically for you.