Nanda Devi Glacier


The Nanda Devi North and Nanda Devi South two noteworthy glaciers of Uttarakhand Himalayas region are both approximately 19 km in length. These glaciers start from the southern slope of Nanda Devi peak. These are well developed glacier can be accessed from Lata and Joshimath which is the last road head.

The only exception is the point where the river Rishi Ganga which drains this great basin emerges to the west in one of the most spectacular gorges in the world. In this wall of mountains consists of at least twelve peaks over 21,500 ft/ 6500 meters including several famous names such as Changabang and Dunagiri to the North and Trishuli and Nanda Kot to the West and South. In the center is the towering- Nanda Devi. At 25,643 ft/ 7816 meters -the highest peak in India. The Nanda Devi  Sanctuary had never been explored by anyone till 1934. The Sanctuary was forbidden (Closed) for visitors in 1983 in order to maintain the delicate ecology of this hitherto pristine space that needed time to regenerate after the inevitable damage caused by expeditions and shepherds who were also finding their way in.
An acclimatization trek is a must, before arriving at Gangotri to embark on this trek which ascends to 14,294 ft/ 4463 meters at Tapovan. The acclimatization walk is a short Himalayan trek with the interesting objective of passing through the foothills and hill villages where the world-famous legend written by the naturalist-hunter, Jim Corbett’s story of the ‘Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag’ is based. The scenery here is unparalleled giving commanding views of the main peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas and taking one through lush terraced hills, pristine forests and tiny hill villages. The weather at this time of year is warm and sunny with clear blue skies.

River Basin : Rishi Ganga

Originates from : Southern slope of Nanda Devi Peak (7108m)

Approachable from : Joshimath on the way Malari Road  through Lata.

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