Namik Glacier

The Ramganga east Valley is among the most difficulty trekkingnamik-glacier areas of the higher Himalayas.

In first day one reaches Bala Village on Thal Munsyari route near the famous Birthi falls.

On the second day one can stay at Thala Bugyal.

On the third day before reaching Sudam Khan one has to go through Thal Thunk, Chafua, Ranthan and Malla Ranthan.

On the fourth day after crossing Rahli Nandkund and the ascent to Rumadar the trekker reaches Hiramani  Glacier (हीरामणी ग्लेशियर).

The fifth day is special as one see the snout of Namik Glacier and the lesser stream coming down form Anargal to meet the main stream, after passing through Jogi Udiyar the ascent of Bhindawali and Penthang.