Area: Kalagarh (KTR) is spread in over an area of 301.18 sq km. which also includes Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is the northern part of Jim Corbett National Park situated along with Lansdowne Forest Division  of Uttarakhand. When Jim Corbett Park was established in 1974, the northern part of the park was renamed as Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve Map

Bio diversity of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Kalagarh is an abode for many wildlife species in Shivalik Mountain Range, of Pauri, Garhwal. As the name confirms, it has a high density of tigers, leopards and others from the cats’ family. It carries a lustrous breed of deers-chital, barking deer, goral, sambar, and hog deer. The herd of elephants can be spotted anywhere in the area while on excursion. Among others are porcupines, yellow-throated martens and langurs. The park has more than 580 species of birds, which includes kingfishers, wagtails, forktails, pheasants, hornbills, eagles, vultures; and about 50 species of mammals along with 25 species of reptiles like-crocodiles, king cobras, rock pythons and monitor lizards; as well as hundreds of species of plants and insects. The place is home to several species of trees such as sal, sheesham, semal, bakli, haladu, tun, sain, fig, bamboo, etc along with medicinal plants.


Tiger Reserve remain open from 15th November to 15th June every year for tourism. Rest of time it remain closed.

Periods Timing Entry Gate
15th November – 15th February 6:30 am – 5:30 pm Vatanvasa Gate
16th February – 31st March 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Vatanvasa Gate
1st April – 15th May 5:45 am – 7:00 pm Vatanvasa Gate
16th May – 15th June 5:30 am – 7:15 pm Vatanvasa Gate
16th June- 14th November Closed Closed

Fees and Tarrif

Fees Indian Nationalist(INR.) Foreign/NRI Nationalist(INR.)
Park Enterance 100.00 450.00
Gypsy (4×4 WD Vehicle) Entry 250.00 500.00
Safari Charges Extra Extra


Note: Safari Charges varies from number of hours spend you in Kalagarh Tiger Reserve.


Junlge Safari Packages (by Gypsy) for Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

It is 3-4 hours safari by Jeep, in which you can experience Jungle. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is a a part of Corbett landscape and popular tourist destination located in the India state of Uttarakhand. The region is mainly famous for the Tigers, Elephant, Leopard and many more wild animals. Main transport options around the reserve are jeeps safaris. Private vehicles are not allowed inside the Reserve forest, and this is one point to note while taking up a trip to Tiger Reserve.
At Kalagarh Tiger Reserve you can get the chance of viewing Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Wild Boar, tiger, leopard, Barking deer,
Goral Two kinds of Bears Himalayan Black and Sloth, and over 400 bird species makes Kalagarh Tiger Reserve a
perfect wild life safari and bird watching destination.

Safari Packages:-

S.No. Persons Gate Gypsy Charges (INR) Entry Permit + Fees Booking
for Indian Nationalist      
1. 1 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
2. 2 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
3. 3 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
4. 4 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
5. 5 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
6. 6 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
for Foreign Nationalist (INR) (INR)  
7. 1 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
8. 2 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
9. 3 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
10. 4 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
11. 5 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
12. 6 Vatanvasa/Kolhuchaur
13.   Camping/Cottage/Resort at Kalagarh Tiger Reserve
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Complementary: One Child upto 5 years on one Jeep.

Please Note

  • Entry fees is common from 1-6 guests for Indian and Foreigner Guests.
  • Foreign Nationalist required to keep photo copy of their passport.
  • Vatanvasa is near Lansedowne city. Guests staying at or around Lansedowne may come Vatanvasa Safari. From Lansedowne it will take around 1:30 Hours to reach.
  • Kolhuchaur is near to Kotdwar city. It takes 20 minutes to reach Saneh gate from Kotdwar city. From Lansedowne it will take around 1:30 Hours to reach.
  • While filling booking form, also mention the name, age, gender of each group member at Message Text Box.
  • Same day booking is not possible. Book at least 48 hours before, it makes us to make arrangement properly.
  • If you made payment for same day Safari booking and Safari is not available at same day, it will be shifted to next available slot and you will be informed by E-mail and SMS also. If you seek refund then it will be as per our refund policy.
  • Above rates are valid for jungle safari for maximum 3 hours only.
  • We strictly follow the timing so come in selected time.
  • Sitting capacity of Jeep is 6 pax at at time. No sharing on booking
  • Alternatively you can book Private Cottages/Camp/Resort with us with all meal facilities and addon activites at cottage site.
  • Pickup from Kotdwara by Max/Bolero (Non-AC) cab charges will be extra
  • Pickup from Resort / Rathuwadhab FRH / Mudiapani by Gypsy charges will be extra
  • Guide charges extra.
  • GST (5 % Extra)


Recent Wildlife Sightings around Vatanvasa Zone, Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Tiger on Hill Route
Elephant with Family Tiger near Halduparao FRH