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Nestled is the pristine and salubrious landscapes of Garhwal Hills, IVY Green Resort promises to leave you with indelible memories of your often ignored relation with nature.


Luxury villas are designed in style. Embellished with teak wood panelling , antique mahogany furniture and packed with luxurious amenities have been scrupulously designed to make your stay private, comfortable and exclusive. The warmth of the heart and our hospitality emboldened by exquisite surrounding is going to forge a unique memorable alliance.


When warmth coincides with luxury overlooking the valleys of Lansdowne this may just be the little heaven you don’t want to miss. Let the mountains and the silence surround you till you hear your heartbeat roar. So curl up and soak in that aging wood to calm your nerves.


When you wake up tomorrow to the honeyed light filling in your room, you may want this feeling to stick around. Let us call staying in deluxe cottage a rendezvous with luxury charm, calmness and feels of all earthy elements.



A gateway to Puri, Kanvashram is an ashram located on the banks of Malini river surrounded by thick forests and hillocks. It is believed that Shakuntala, the step daughter of Sage Kanvan gave birth to her son Bharath in this Ashram.

Darwan Singh Regimental

Named after Victoria Cross holder Darwan Singh Negi, it is a historical defense museum located near the parade ground in Lansdowne. This beautifully decorated two storey building has a collection of arms, uniforms, rarest photographs of army generals, certificates and details about the origin and achievements of Garhwal Rifles.

Santoshi Mata Mandir

Santoshi Mata Temple in Lansdowne is a beautiful and peaceful temple at a short walk from the Tip n Top View point. Located on a hilltop, this temple offers amazing views of the adjoining surroundings and it is one of those places where you would like to sit for hours, contemplating the scenic beauty all around you!

St. John’s Church

A Roman Catholic Church in Lansdowne, St John’s Church is the only running Church in Lansdowne. Located on the Mall Road, between the way to to St Mary Church, St John’s Church was established in 1936. Beautiful interiors and serene atmosphere makes its a must visit place in Lansdowne.

Bheem Pakora

A historic but surprising place near Lansdowne, Bhim Pakora attracts even through its name. Visitors can see two large stones one above the other in a perfect balance. Above rock can be moved by a single finger but never fells down even after push by both hands. Located at 2 km from Lansdowne city centre, Bhim Pakora is one of the most exciting and attractive place in Lansdowne.

Kaleshwar Mahadev

A centuries old temple of Lord Shiva, Kaleshwar Mahadev temple is the centre of devotion for Lansdowne people as well as the brave Garhwal Regiment. Located near the main Lansdowne city, Kaleshwar Mahadev is named after Sage Kalun who meditated here.

Bhulla Tal

A small, well maintained and serene lake known as Bhulla Lake or Bhulla Tal is located at just 1 km walk from Lansdowne city centre. Made and maintained by Indian Army, Bhulla Lake is also known as Bhulla Tal among locals. A perfect picnic spot and entertaining day out in Lansdowne, Bhulla Lake is a famous place in Lansdowne.

Tip 'n' Top Point

A small hill top viewpoint in Lansdowne, Tip N Top also known as the name suggests is one of the highest places in Lansdowne. Located at just 1.5 km from main Lansdowne city centre, Tip in Top is best place in Lansdowne to watch complete skyline with magnificent Shivalik range.

St. Mary’s Church

A Catholic Church of historical importance, St. Mary’s Church is located near Tip N Top Point in Lansdowne. In 1895, St. Mary’s Church was constructed by Col. A.H.B Hume of the Royal Engineers. Historian as well as normal visitors like to visit this jewel in Lansdowne city , St Mary’s Church adds to the charm and tranquility of the surrounding.