Gangotri Glacier

Gangotri glacier

Gangotri glacier is a well know glacier in Garhwal Himalayans situated in Uttarkashi district. The glacier originates at the northern slope of the Chaukhamba range of peaks. This is not a single valley glacier but a combination of several other glaciers that are fed to it and from a huge mass of ice Bhrigupanth (6772m) Kirti stambh (6285) summeru parvat(6380) respectively and Ratavana Bamak Chaturangi Bamak and Swachand Bamak lie on the northern slope of SriKailash, Man  Parvat, Satopanth and unnamed groups of peaks. The glacier lies with in a span of 28 km and terminates at Gaumukh (4000m)/ The glaciers flows at a gentle slope except fore a few ice walls and crevices developed in the upper regions of the glacier where as in the lower part (above the snout), the glacier is covered by the debris, which imparts a muddy appearances to its surface.

Base Camp Gangotri Temple
Gangotri temple to Gangotri Glacier :- 17 kms.