Dokriani Glacier


Dokriani Bamak (‘Bamak is the local term for a glacier) is another well developed medium sized glacier of the Bhagirathi basin. The glacier is formed by two cirques, originating at the northern slope of Draupadi–Ka-Danda and Jaonli peak 5600m and 6000m respectively. The glacier is 5 km long and flows is the northwest direction terminating at am elevation of 3800m. The stream originating from the glacier melted water is called Dingad which later joins many other snow / ice melted streams and finally merges in to the Bhagirathi river near Bukki Village. There are several well developed meadows and pro-glacial lakes located 2 km below the snout of the glacier. These meadows lakes and other formations indicate the past history and behavior of the glacier and also provide good camping sites.

Base Camp Naitala

Bukki to Dokriani Glacier————– 23 kms.

Buki to Bukki Village—————— 02 kms

Bukki to Keratal———————– 17 kms

Kheratal to Dokriani Glacier———– 05 kms.

Bukki to Uttarkashi——————– 34 kms.

Uttaranchal to Rishikesh————— 149 kms