Chorbari Glacier


Chorbari Bamak glacier is situated in the Rudraprayag District. The glacier is 56km long and originates form the southern slope of Kedar dome, Bhartkhunta and Kirti stambh and this hill range is the water divide that separates the Gangotri group of glaciers and the Chorbari glacier. Several hanging glaciers and avalanche chutes feed the glacier.

The lower part of the glacier is covered by thick debris and bounded by huge deposits of lateral moraines. The glacier starts from its accumulation zone (600m) and terminates at an elevation of 3800m. from where a snow /ice melt stream originates called Mandkini and merge in to the Alakhanda at Rudrapryarg,

Base Camp Gaurikund

Gaurikund to Chorbari Glacier——— 17 kms

Gaurikund to Ramnbara————— 07 kms.

Rambara to Kedarnath—————- 07 kms.

Kedarnath to Chorbari Glacier——— 03 kms.