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Black Forest – Germany

Germany is not just about trains on time or state-of-art automobiles. Escape to the black Forest Region for an unhurried experience.

Think Germany and almost instantly you think of beer, Autobahn or modern towns running with clockwork precision. That’s the image we carried too throughout our college days in the country. But one vacation can revealed on absolutely new Germany.


The state of Baden-Württemberg, home to the famous Black Forest, is a naturally gifted area with pristine valleys, waterfalls, rivers, rolling hills, mystical dark forests and amazing food and wine options. To begin with, your prospects of visiting the place where the Grimm Brothers fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, The Singing Springing Lark and Snow white, originated.

Don’t Miss !  The Black Forest is land of three iconic German offerings – Black Forest Cake, red and black pom pom hats and cuckoo clocks.


The food, wine and spa scene apart, the real soothing memories of this short break were the trekking, hiking, cycling, horse riding and mountain biking options the region offered. Every few kilometers of drive introduce you such activities. Making Freiburg your base of vacation helped in within a few hours’ driving distance from most towns. The region has two of the largest nature parks of Germany – Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord and Naturpark Südschwarzwald. Trekking in Merkur Mountain is an unmatched experience.

Don’t Miss !  Walking on the majestic Schlossberg wooded walkway takes you through the less explored German Vistas.


Baden-Baden, a quaint and elegant spa town on the foothills of Black Forest lined with spas and wellness hotels, is a perfect pit stop for that. Legend says Romans stumbled upon the healing abilities of thermal springs here and build their own thermal baths. the celebrated Friedrichsbad and Caracalla baths with pools and sauna cabins among the pines are best way to live the Roman experience. A word of caution though ! You need to be in nothing more than your skin at most of these baths. So, many women travellers wait for ‘Ladies Only‘ days at the baths. Other choose to enjoy the elegant cafes lining the streets and admire the street art and culture scene.

Don’t Miss !  The Black Forest Spa Route passing through boutique German towns and amazing spa settings.

Navigate the region by car or trains from the two prominent towns – Baden-Baden or Freiburg. Both journeys offer amazing views.