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Rishikesh Pauri Binsar


In the Pauri District, Garhwal Himalayas


This trek is closer to the foothills of Uttaranchal and is easily accessed. The route includes a motor drive from Rishikesh to Pauri to Thalisain (road head) followed by the trek. The best route to follow is Rishikesh - Pauri - (motorable) - Thalisain - Binsar Gairsain.




4 - 5 day trek






April October

Difficulty and grading

Grade II Hard (steep climb)

Brief description

Binsar is situated at an altitude of 2,480m and is at a distance of 114km from Pauri. Set amidst dense forest of oak, deodar and rhododendron, it is a celebrated place of worship. The temple located here is dedicated to Shiva and is of archaeological significance. The central room of the temple is beautifully adorned by the idols of Ganesh, Har Gauri and


This trek, one of the few treks in the Pauri District, starts from Thalisain via Pauri, an enchanting hill station with a panoramic view of the Garhwal Himalayas. Thalisain, 100km from Pauri, is the last bus stop. From Thalisain, the trek winds along a 22km bridle path to Binsar through a rich forest of deodar, silver, fir, pine and oak.


Day 1 includes a 13km trek from Thalisain to Piersain

Day 2 includes a 7km trek to Binsar

Day 3 includes a 20km trek to Gairsain

Scenic quality

Thick vegetation and panoramic views of the Himalayas all along the trek.

Awareness / popularity

Is not considered very popular and this is in part due to the low awareness about the trek.

Logistical support

All logistical support has to be obtained from Thalisain or Gairsain. However, these villages are not geared to supporting treks and provisions need to be procured at major urban agglomerations.

Local authority assistance



Location                 Accommodation                                  Eating facilities

Thalisain                                   FRH, C                                                                       N.A.

Gairsain                                      FRH, PWD                                                                 N.A.


Needs to be improved by developing sensitive signage along the route

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