Naugaon Forest Rest House


Naugaon FRH is 4km before Naugaon town on main the Yamunotri highway. It was built in 1954. A walk to the apple orchards at Syuri is good. The historic site of Lakhamandal is 20km from here. Temples are made of wood and stone are unique in architecture referred to as the Kath Kona style and are the only temples of these demi gods in north India. Duryodhan’s temples at Naitwar are a 6km trek while the temple of Karan is at Deohra village which is at a short distance from here. In Tehri Garhwal state, the impact of the Indian civil disobedience movement were felt on 30th May 1930. The people of Rawian rallied at a place called Tilari to protest against the forest policies. The army surrounded the protesters and opened fire indiscriminately. The incident shocked the people so much that even today songs are sung in Garhwal to commemorate the tragedy. The town of Tilari is also close by and calls for a visit to the historic place.

Tourist attraction near FRH :

Surrounded by Chir & Oak forests, short trek to apple orchards at Syuri, Deorana Temple (6kms trek), Yamuna river, Lakha Mandal (20kms).

Location : Yamunotri highway (4kms from Naugaon).

Forest Division: Upper Yamuna, Badkot

Elevation : 1260m AMSL
Year of Construction: 1954
Year of Renovation : 2011