Forest Rest Houses Uttarakhand

Forest Department Uttarakhand offers accommodation in the midst of forests in the state of Uttarakhand in #ForestRestHouses (FRHs ). There are more than 200 FRH, which are heritage buildings located in beautiful and serene surroundings. Visitors can enjoy the facility of staying in FRH subject to availability.
#Staying at the Forest Rest House provides an opportunity for experiencing and appreciating the bounties of nature. Nature walk, trekking, wildlife sighting, bird watching, nature photography, learning local culture etc are few things to look for while staying at our FRHs.
Trained guides who belong to the region and are familiar with local flora and fauna escort visitors. Assistance is offered in organizing tours and nature trails if few FRHs by us.

Some of are:

timli-forest-rest-house rampur-mandi-asan-forest-rest-house kadwapani-forest-rest-house
Timli FRH Rampur Mandi FRH Kadwapani FRH
rasyiabad-frh lachhiwala-forest-rest-house Thano Forest rest house
Rasiyabad FRH Lachhiwala FRH Thano FRH
kanasar-forest-rest-house budher-forest-rest-house deoban-forest-rest-house
Kanasar FRH Budher FRH Deoban FRH
muni-ki-reti-forest-rest-house magra-forest-rest-house devalsari-forest-rest-house
Muni-Ki-Reti FRH Magra FRH Devalsari FRH
dhanaulti-forest-rest-house khrisu-forest-fest-house saneh-forest-rest-house
Dhanaulti FRH Khrisu FRH Saneh FRH
kolhuchaur-forest-rest-house mohankhal-forest-rest-house siropani-forest-rest-house
Kolhuchaur FRH Mohankhal FRH Siropani FRH
birahi-forest-rest-house joshimath-forest-rest-house dewal-forest-rest-house
Birahi FRH Joshimath FRH Dewal FRH
gwaldam-forest-rest-house naugaon-forest-rest-house barkot-forest-rest-house
Gwaldam FRH Naugaon FRH Barkot FRH
janki-chatti-forest-rest-house jarmola-forest-rest-house sandra-forest-rest-house
Janki Chatti FRH Jarmola FRH Sandra FRH
dodital-forest-rest-house bhatwari-forest-rest-house harsil-forest-rest-house
Dodital FRH Bhatwari FRH Harsil FRH
bhaironghati-forest-rest-house gangotri-forest-rest-house dhunaghat-forest-rest-house
Bharonghati FRH Gangotri FRH Dhunaghat FRH
rameshwar-forest-rest-house tanakpur-forest-rest-house soni-forest-rest-house
Rameshwar FRH Tanakpur FRH Soni FRH
kalika-forest-rest-house sheetalakhet-forest-rest-house dhauladevi-forest-rest-house
Kalika FRH Sheetlakhet FRH Dhauladevi FRH
jageshwar-forest-rest-house binsar-forest-rest-house kausani-forest-rest-house
Jageshwar FRH Binsar FRH Kausani FRH
wajula-forest-rest-house ramnagar-forest-rest-house sitabani-forest-rest-house
Wajula FRH Ramnagar FRH Sitabani FRH
pawalgarh-forest-rest-house chunakhan-forest-rest-house ransali-forest-rest-house
Pawalgarh FRH Chunakhan FRH Ransali FRH
chorgallia-forest-rest-house  kilbury-forest-rest-house
Chorgallia FRH Kilbury FRH Vinayak FRH
kunjakharak-frh maheshkhan-forest-rest-house chilla-frh
Kunjakharak FRH Maheshkhan FRH Chilla FRH
phandowala-frh satyanarayan-frh3  laldhang-frh1
Phandowala FRH Satyanarayan FRH Laldhang FRH
 image Motichur Image ranipur  nauri-frh
 Motichur FRH  Ranipur FRH  Nauri FRH